Natasha Andaz


Natasha is the Digital Marketing Executive Assistant for The Clouse Group. Natasha joined the team at the start of 2019, bringing with her an unparalleled eye for detail and organization. 

Natasha manages the transactional paperwork, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks and that all deadlines are met. In addition, Natasha is also in charge of digital marketing, creating eye-catching designs followed by witty captions to capture our audience with beautiful homes and entice new followers.

Natasha grew up in New York City and attended Syracuse University, receiving her BFA in Illustration. After graduating she bought a one-way ticket to Seattle and never looked back. While in Seattle she began her career as a digital marketer, falling in love with her ability to combine her illustration and design skills with her love of social media. Natasha is a swiss-army knife of creativity: she has skills with illustration, painting, design, printmaking, animation and so much more, making her the perfect asset in creating memorable content.

In her spare time Natasha competes in Magic: the Gathering tournaments all over the country. When not competing you can find Natasha volunteering with Art With Heart to help at-risk youth, attending events around the city, or spending time with her partner and their Maine Coon cat, Red.