So if you've ever been looking at houses online or you've been a seller in this position you might wonder why do houses always go under contract right after the weekend on Monday or Tuesday? Now, that's a great question. This is primarily because home buyers are out looking over the weekend, and it's super important that as a buyer if you can make a decision over the weekend to try to do that, because you will oftentimes beat out a lot of the competition that is going in to make an offer on Monday or Tuesday. So if you, as the buyer, can get into the home and see it early, and make a decision about putting in an offer early like a Saturday or a Sunday, you can oftentimes beat out other buyers who are waiting to make their offer until the next week.

Now, I just had this happen and this is the perfect example. There was a home that has been sitting on the market for a long time, almost up to a month, and it didn't have any offers on it. And we looked at it on Saturday and it wasn't until Monday when the buyers were thinking about making an offer that actually two other offers came in on the property, making it actually sell for more than what other homes had sold for in the neighborhood because people were out looking now and wanted to get into contract. And so this is the perfect example of if the buyer had chosen to make an offer over the weekend, they actually would have been able to secure that home for probably at the least price. But a lot of buyers do this where they're out looking over the weekend and they wanna take time to look at the property and think about it over the weekend before they actually put in an offer. But when you think about it and you take too much time, oftentimes you face other competition that's doing exactly the same.

So there's certainly never pressure from us when you work with us. But if you are a buyer out there and you can make a decision sooner, you'll often be able to get a home under contract earlier and for less money. And that's why it can be super important to try to make a decision over the weekend. It's not because we want you to, but it's because there are other forces in the market, other people who are going to be competing against you. So the sooner you can make a decision if you feel confident about it, the better you are as a buyer and the more money you'll save. So that's why weekends are so important in real estate. Thanks for tuning in. If you like videos like this, don't hesitate to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We'd love to have you follow along, like, comment and subscribe, and we will catch you again for another video like this next week.