So maybe your house is listed, but you're not getting any communication from your agent who's listed the home for you. Well, that's a failure. What should you do? If your house is on the market and you haven't heard what other buyers are thinking of the home as they're walking through, then that is not good for you as the seller, your agent should be providing a service to you. And part of that service is getting buyer feedback. Stay tuned today we're gonna talk about the importance of getting buyer feedback when a home is listed.

Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in. If you like these videos or you know someone who would please subscribe to our YouTube channel and send this along to anyone who you think might find this useful. Today we're talking all about having your home listed and the importance of getting buyer feedback. Now we're not always in a really competitive market where homes are selling really quickly. Even when homes are selling quickly, it's really important that your agent that lists your home for sale gathers buyer feedback. So we have a really robust system where each week we're actually getting buyer feedback and we're delivering a report to our sellers on Tuesdays, followed by a call by yours truly on Thursdays to make sure they know exactly what buyers are thinking and saying about their home.

Now, why is this so important? Well, first of all, it's really important to understand, first, are the buyers who are coming through the property are they ready to make a decision or did they just start their search? If they just started their search, your agent should be following up with them later down the road to see if they might wanna come back and reconsider your property if it's still on the market.

The second reason is we wanna know what they think of the price. Do they think this home is priced fairly? And if not, what do they think the fair price would be? That helps inform a seller if their home is competitively priced in the marketplace, in the eyes of a buyer.

The third thing that is so important is to know what the buyer thought of the condition and quality of the home, was the home clean? Did they feel good when they walked in? Was there something in the sink that you didn't know about? As a seller and your seller's agent you need to know all of these things so that you can make corrections if you need to. If the light is burnt out, or if the smoke alarm is beeping because it's low on batteries, those are all things that could put potential buyers off. And you need to know those things through feedback that you get from other buyers.

Now, the last thing we wanna know is is that buyer actually interested in the property. A lot of information can come from having a conversation with the buyer or the buyer's agent to determine are they interested in the property, or maybe they're not interested right now, but it's on their short list. In that case, it's your agent's job to go back and see what are the roadblocks to them making an offer. What can you do as the seller, if anything, to compel the buyer to make an offer on your property. Now, this is super important in a market that's not super competitive at the time. For example, right now condos in Seattle are not as competitive as single family homes. So it's really important gather feedback from every single showing or buyer that walks through to determine what they're thinking about the property and how it can be improved. So it's really important that your agent do this when your home is listed on the market.

If your agent doesn't have a plan for how to do this, you can call us we're happy to help. You can call, text or direct message us and don't forget, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow along if you like these videos or other videos like this and share this with someone who has their home listed on the market and see if their agent is doing this. That's how you get by your feedback and that's why it's so important. You wanna know all of those things from the perspective of the buyer. Remember as a seller, you have a product to sell. You're not the buyer and so you want the feedback of the consumer. Thanks for tuning in. We'll see you all next week.