Hey, so you're a newer agent and you're wondering what mistakes should I avoid making? Well today I'm gonna bring you my top three mistakes that I see newer agents making that does not allow them to succeed in the real estate industry. Without further ado, mistake number one.

So the first mistake that I see a lot of real estate, newer real estate agents make is actually not treating their business like a business. I think one thing that's essential in this industry is that you treat every day like you're going to a job. You're not scheduling time to do other tasks or chores during the day that you should be saving for your off time. You need to treat every day, like a job and really focus on running your business like a business. I think that is vital. And when newer agents don't do this from the start it becomes really hard for them actually to see any results or get any momentum at all.

The second mistake that I see agents that are new making is that they're not listening enough. No client really wants to hear about your troubles or your trials or your drama. They want you to listen to them. It's really about them and their experience buying and selling. And I see a lot of new agents who come in and think that this is about them and don't have the ability to really listen to their clientele and make sure that their clients feel heard. A lot of other agents do this as well. It's not just new agents. You have to really take that drama out of it, take that self-focus out of it and really focus on your client and make sure they feel heard and that you're actually listening to what they need and want in the transaction.

And third, last but not least, one of the biggest mistakes that I see newer agents make is not working hard enough. As a new agent you have to work all the time. You are building a business and you have to treat it as such. It goes back to the first point as well but you really have to be working all the time. My first year and a half in real estate I spent every single weekend doing open houses on both days. I've heard of other agents who do four open houses in a weekend. You really have to want and work for every single opportunity to get in front of new clients. And I don't see enough new agents doing this. They come in and think that they'll get a client that it will be really easy and they'll get this big paycheck once they find that client but they don't actually put in the work to find that client. So it's really essential that as a new agent you're ready to work hard and hit the ground running to make sure you take every single opportunity to get in front of new clients.

There you have it. Those are my top three biggest mistakes that I see new agents make. If you're a new agent or you have any questions about becoming an agent, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to have a conversation and chat with you. You can always call, text, or direct message us and send us an email. We'd be more than happy to discuss your real estate needs and what you're looking for in an agent. And we'd love the opportunity to work with you. Thanks for tuning in. See you next week. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We'd love to have you along for all of our videos.