Today we are talking all about timelines in the real estate contract. So there are timelines in real estate. What we tell our clients is we are on your timeline until you find the house of your dreams. Once you find that house, when we write the real estate contract, we have to be on the timeline from the time that we get the contract accepted through until closing. And so those timelines start when the contract is accepted by both the buyer and the seller.

Now, a timeline in a real estate contract, most of them run concurrently. So they will all start on the mutual acceptance day when the contract is signed by both parties. That's when they all start. So if you have a contingency for five days, and a contingency for three days, those run at the exact same time. They do not go five and then three. They run exactly at the same time. So we have to start counting those days from the day of mutual acceptance. So if you got your contract accepted on a Monday, Tuesday would be day one, Wednesday would be day two, and so on and so forth.

Now, in real estate in Washington, if the timeline is five days or fewer, that does not include the weekends or bank holidays. If the timeline for the contingency is six days or more, then that does include weekends and holidays. So you can actually go through a timeline, and have a three-day contingency that can be the same as a six-day contingency, because you're actually including the weekend and the holiday in the six-day contingency. All that to be said, your realtor should be very knowledgeable of timelines, and how they work in the contract to make them work to your best advantage as their client.

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