Last week, we told you about the three pros of owning an Airbnb. As an Airbnb owner myself, I do really love it and I think there are a lot of benefits that come out of it, but there are cons in the process that you should be aware of. So whether you're thinking about getting into owning an Airbnb or operating one, or getting in with another partner to potentially explore, you should definitely be aware of these cons and go back and watch the first video if you missed that one for the pros of Airbnb ownership and operating it.

So the first con is really the management and the cleaning. So as an owner of Airbnb, you do have to manage it and clean it. And so that means that almost daily, you are checking in and making sure that reservations are being booked properly. You're responding to those people who are coming to stay at your Airbnb, that you do have the cleaning schedule ready. There are services out there that can manage this for you. And there are certainly cleaning services out there who will automatically know when to come and clean your property, but things can go wrong. So there can be accidents or messes that might happen while the renter is staying there. So you do have to sort of be on call and be ready to help if anything is to go wrong. So it does take a little bit of time. Now, if you have a longer renter, then maybe you'll have fewer issues, but with rapid turnover, every three to four to five days, you're definitely going to have to manage that and make sure that you're involved and readily available.

Now, the second thing that could be a con of owning an Airbnb is things getting damaged. So there are definitely times when things might be damaged or the toilet might be broken. I've had in my past a light fixture fall and actually break. So there are some things and you never know how the person staying there will respond to that. So you do have to be ready for some of those things and be ready to respond to some of those and, have some money saved to be able to replace those things if something does get damaged.

Now, the third con of owning an Airbnb can really be that you are quite involved with the person on the other side. So you are definitely working for a great review. You do need to provide a high level of customer service to them. And this can sometimes be difficult, because everyone has different expectations, and depending on what price point your Airbnb is at, or what you're promising to the client, you could need to be more readily available or provide a different level of service. I've had experiences in the past where someone was not happy with what they got and wanted something specifically, but didn't really tell me that's what they wanted, and so I didn't meet their expectations. So you definitely do have to be involved, you are working for a great review because you want to build up great reviews so other people will wanna book your Airbnb. So you are definitely in the customer service industry. As much as it may not seem like it, that is what you're doing.

So those are three cons of owning an Airbnb, and three things that you should really take into consideration as you think about if you want to operate an Airbnb, versus maybe a longer-term rental. And if you're thinking about investment properties in general, don't hesitate to reach out, we can always chat about the best type of investment for what you're looking for. If you like videos like this about real estate investing or market updates, definitely follow along on our YouTube channel and subscribe so that you can get notified when all of our videos come out. We hope you enjoyed this. If you have any questions about real estate investing or what might be the right investment for you, don't hesitate to reach out. You can always call, text, or direct message us, and we would be happy to meet with you and talk about this. Hope you enjoyed this video, and see ya next week.